Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Date nights don’t need to be expensive. You can still go on a date with your significant other despite running on a limited budget. Got a budget of under $20 for your date? We got you. Here are some date night ideas on a budget perfect for those who don’t want to splurge every time on a date:

1. DIY dinner date

DIY or do it your own is your perfect companion when you are running low on your budget for a treat with your partner. Craving for a five-course meal from an expensive restaurant? Why not cook it in your own kitchen. This doesn’t just save you hundred bucks, but it will also make your partner appreciate your effort more. Don’t forget to use candles and flower petals to make the ambiance sweeter and more romantic.

2. Karaoke night

Nothing beats humiliation caused by hitting the wrong note of your favorite song. But don’t fear of not hitting those high notes because it will make your partner laugh harder and would end the night on a positive note.

3. DIY spa at home

Trips to the spa can cost you $$$ but bringing that experience at home can be a different experience. Hire your favorite reflexologist and ask her what the perfect set-up could be to mimic the ambiance of a spa at home.

4. Watch sunset in your background.

Nothing’s more romantic than watching together sunset in your background and talking about anything under the sun, literally. Talk about how your day went, your workmate who annoys you so much, or your boss who doesn’t stop nagging you with deliverables. But you can also talk about the things that brightens up your day, like the dog you saw on the street just this morning, or that barista from your favorite coffee shop who adds more coffee to your order.

5. Run errands together.

Adulting means that you have endless responsibilities at home and in the office and sometimes you don’t have the energy and time to do some errands like laundry, going to the grocery store, or even car wash your car. The good thing is you can do these stuffs with your partner, and you can consider this as a date already.

6. Tidy up your place

Yes, it might not sound a good date idea but tidying up your place can relieve stress and improve your mood. It frees up space and opens your place plus it can be a good bonding idea with your partner.

7. Play board games

Board games are not just for kids but there are plenty of board games available for adults that can challenge the way you think and also challenges how far you both can endure each other’s banters!

Running on a tight budget for your dates is perfectly normal. This can make you more creative in terms of what you can do together and makes you think what could be the best ideas for our date nights on a budget? Challenge your partner on who can spend least on your next month’s dates.