Digital Anniversary Gifts to Try in 2022

Living in the pandemic for the third straight year is definitely stressful especially on how you could express your love to your partner. Before the pandemic, you would normally celebrate milestones together such as anniversaries and birthdays through an out-of-town trip in the countryside or abroad, or eating in a fancy restaurant. Now, living miles apart with each other can be difficult in sending gifts for your anniversary. Haven’t heard of digital anniversary gifts? Then this list can definitely help you choose the perfect digital anniversary gift for your partner.


Flower subscription

Does your girl love flowers? Then this is the perfect gift to give her. Surprise her by giving flowers days or weeks leading to your anniversary. Don’t forget to include her favorite flowers in the arrangements you’ll send. You can even customize it to plants if she has more affection in potted plants.


Wine taste subscription

Yes, you read it right, wine tasting subscription. You can now send different types of wines to your partner and have a wine tasting session via video call. You can still enjoy the feeling of the lingering taste of wine on your lips even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Just hold on a little longer, this pandemic will soon be over before we know it and we can now enjoy wine tasting in the Napa Valley with our partner.


Make a donation under your names

Are you both passionate about something with a good cause? Do you both support replanting trees in the watershed and other forest areas? How about supplying clean water to the far flung areas in Africa? These can be samples of the good deeds you can both support. Plan of making a donation under your names to some of the causes you think can improve the world. If you haven’t heard of it, this is very common in South Korea wherein supporters of Korean idols and actors make donations on their behalf.


Adopt an endangered species

Another good deed you can do is adopt an endangered animal of your choice. Worldwide funds now let individuals do such things. As a bonus, you will be getting a stuffed toy in return.


Personal training membership

A personal training membership encourages both of you to stay active despite the chaos happening outside. Nothing’s better than being able to stay fit and do exercises with your partner regularly. To make it even fun, tally your results by end of the month and see who achieves their goal.


Create a digital photobook

With lots of photos available in your gallery, why not turn it into something sweet and memorable for both of you? There are plenty of shops that can turn your digital photos into tangible photo books. That is really one for the books that you can look back on in the future.


Sending gifts is equally challenging with wanting to see your partner in person, but with the help of technology and innovation you can still enjoy the things you’re used to before and even try new things together.