How To Date Your Husband-Tips for Wives

Keeping the romance in the air after marriage is quite difficult due to the increased responsibilities of both husbands and wives. But having occasional dates and surprises can answer your increasing worry of not providing enough love to your partner. As a wife, it might be difficult for you to plan surprises and dates for your husband since they are quite timid in letting you know of their interests. However, simple efforts can be meaningful as a grand gesture that your husband might be showing you. Here are some tips on how to date your husband:


Curate a menu for your dinner date

Since the pandemic pushed us to stay at home, eating outside can be difficult and scary. Order some food from your husband’s favorite restaurant or simply cook a three-course dinner for you to enjoy at home. You can change the table runners on your dining table, add some candles, and even use special plates and cups for this special date with your husband.


Surprise your husband in his office

If you’re just working near your husband’s office, why not surprise him for a lunch treat or early dinner date? This simple act can help your husband destress from the stress brought by work. If you’re on a tight budget, prepare lunch for both of you that you can share in a cafeteria or in an open park nearby.


Know your partner’s love language

By now, you already figured out your husband’s love language. The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.


If your husband’s love language is words of affirmation, place random words to encourage and show your love to him. If it is acts of service, you can do errands for him. For receiving gifts, give gifts on a random day even though you are not celebrating anything. As for quality time, stroll around the park or mall with him just the two of you, and with no kids tolling both of you. If it is physical touch, make sure to hug or kiss your husband every day.


Make time for both of you

From managing the house to balancing work and personal life, these things can be stressful and sometimes you forget to dedicate time for your significant other because of the stress it entails.


But dedicating time for your significant other should not be difficult. Some tips to make time for both of you are as follows:

  • No cellphones or gadgets before bedtime so you can talk about your day
  • Talk about what’s ahead of you during breakfast
  • Set aside a date once a week
  • Travel once a month with your partner


Marriage doesn’t mean you have to stop dating each other. It means that you need to nurture your love for your partner and relationship. Simple ideas create a bigger impact on your relationship. Make every day your date with your husband. Keep the love alive every day. Love like you are still dating or in a honeymoon phase.