Romantic Evening Ideas for Married Couples

Who said romance and fun stop when you get married? This cannot be any farther from the truth. In marriage, romance and fun can be as fresh and new as if you had just met or started dating. Even more importantly, romance can become deeper and more meaningful. You will need to set aside some time and creativity to achieve this. Still, when you make these dates regular, they will soon become effortless but successful at strengthening your connection and marriage nonetheless. Go beyond the usual dinner-and-movie-night-without-the-kids and try these romantic evening ideas for married couples instead.

  1. Make bucket lists together. When you create goals to pursue with your partner, your marriage and achieving these goals will become more fulfilling since the essence of marriage is a shared life together. You become more accountable to one another, and you may just even realize how fun or wild your partner actually is when they give their ideas. To not burn out, you can set specific goals on a certain date night so you can cover other goals on another night. For example, you can focus on relationship goals tonight, travel goals next week, and so on.
  2. Dine and dance. Make dinner extra special with your favorite liquors and mixers near and by having your favorite romantic love songs played in the background. When you’re done eating and talking, you can make the mood more intimate by lighting some candles, pouring drinks, and slow dancing to the songs.
  3. Have a game night. Like we mentioned, in marriage, there’s still romance and fun. Aside from the usual strip poker card game, you can try other games geared towards improving connection and intimacy, such as conversation prompts or truth or dare games for adults. There are different kinds and types of these games online, just find what fits best between you and your partner and remember to have fun while playing.
  4. Have a second “first date.” Don’t you sometimes wish you could go back in time to when you first met? Or do you wish you had met your spouse in another way? You can try this date idea if you want to achieve just that. You can either remake your original first date with your partner or roleplay as strangers meeting in a bar or restaurant for the first time. Remaking old memories increases your appreciation and connection with your partner because you recollect what happened that night. On the other hand, the roleplay date can be exciting and fun because you try to see your partner using a fresh new perspective.
  5. Picnic and stargaze. This classic romantic date idea never gets old. Pick up a blanket and a basket of small snacks and some wine or champagne and go to your backyard, a hill, or a spot or where you can see the stars. For more fun, try to find constellations or make your own. You can additionally make the setting more romantic by playing some music or lighting a candle or fire nearby.