Safe and Fun Quarantine Date Ideas Outside

Because of the pandemic, we are now more cautious than ever when it comes to going outside of our houses. However, that does not mean you can no longer have fun and spend time outside at all since staying inside all the time is also not good for you. As the world is healing slowly, you can now try safe and fun quarantine date ideas outside of your own home for a change of scenery. This would help you make up for time lost during in-house quarantines and better get to know your partner.

The risk of virus transmission is highest in crowded places like big cities, malls, and restaurants. This is why dating outside should be in places where there is a large outdoor space. Aside from that, you still need to follow prevention protocols such as wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces, washing your hands, and more. Here are some ideas you can try outside to have fun while still staying safe and avoiding COVID:


Go camping. Bring a tent outside, light a small fire, and relax with your partner. You can try this either at a nature park in your area or your own backyard. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your partner and with nature. For added fun, play some card or board games.

Be tourists of your own town. Normally, we rush from one place to one another, with no thought of stopping to explore an area we’ve never seen before or have never been to. Take a break and try this quarantine date idea with your partner: pretend to be tourists and explore those areas. You can even roleplay with your partner and pretend it’s your first date or you had just met or only one of you is a tourist while the other is a local or a tour guide. This date idea can help you view your town with a fresh perspective while also having fun with your partner.

Garden together. When the pandemic started, many people started to pick up gardening as a new hobby. If you haven’t yet, you can try this with your partner or learn from each other. There are many benefits to gardening: you can grow your own food, beautify your home, and not importantly, you connect more deeply with your partner and nature.

Workout together. With many gyms still being closed, be creative with your partner make your own gym outside! Try equipment-free workouts or make use of (sanitized) outdoor structures such as monkey bars, poles, thick tree branches, and more. There are also couple workouts you can try with your partner so you are each other’s workout equipment. Many studies also show that couples who work out together increase their relationship satisfaction and happy hormones.

Ride bicycles. The pandemic has discouraged using cars, taxis, and other vehicles because many passengers mean a high risk of transmission of the virus. Thus, bicycles have become the go-to transportation method for many people during the pandemic, especially those who don’t have cars. Bicycles are not just for transporting from home to work, though; it’s also great for exploring some areas in your city. You can make the activity more enjoyable by doing it with your partner. If one of you doesn’t know how to ride one, this is a great opportunity to teach or learn how to ride a bicycle.